Hey there! Professional Muay Thai is a community effort to create roadmaps. Let people around the world know about Muay Thai.



Thaiboxing NFT is a project development and create an ecosystem is the trend of Web3.0. As follows, we bring photos of professional Thai boxers competing in Thailand to convert them into NFT, 8 Bit ERC 1155 standards. And sold in Marketplace by 1 Thai boxer will be replaced by Boxer for investors and Fanclub for picture collectors NFT : 1 Boxer will have 37 FC images. 262 boxers and 9,694 FCs out of a total of 9,956 unique NFTs. Update the results of the match, win, lose, draw, put it in the house of Thai boxers at This will increase the activity for the NFT image held. There is movement in the results of the competition. Owned NFT images may be of greater value.

And what is important, the holder will receive many benefits such as Thai boxing equipment. Thai boxing tickets Thai boxing course Accommodation in Thailand Airfare to Thailand to learn Muay Thai and easy to get discounts on various Muay Thai products and is developing Thaiboxing Token in BSC chain to do DeFi or many benefits and in the future we will build our own blockchain network and make coins. To be used in Thai boxing activities holding and trading. ฺBy submitting to the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand for consideration for further approval

We are now developing our Metaverse in Thaiboxing city, developing into a community for both Thai and international professional Muay Thai athletes. Including those who love Thai boxing another thing that is going to happen is Thai Boxing Games. When there is enough income, we will develop our own games. It is Play to earn. The more you fights, the more tokens you get. Part of the income goes to fund. Education for needy orphans Homeless, professional Muay Thai promotion activities, donated to the Thai Boxing Association. You will have merit. Have fun participating in the NFT and get rich activities.


Step 1: Day 01/08/2022

Start deploying NFT to Opensea. Start selling Class A, B, C, D, E Total 9,956 NFTs, and gradually distribute TBC Token immediately.




Step 2: Day 15/08/22

We will start building a community on 20/08/22. Start putting results of stage races and events and Update race schedules every day and give away prizes rewards for the specified amount and start updating new boxers and making NFTs 8bit gallery up. New every day, but only Boxers, no FC.

Step 3: Day 19/08/22

Bring income to build a Metaverse development team called Thaiboxing city to create a community for Thai boxing lovers, to know more about Muay Thai. Buy, sell, trade Thaiboxing NFTs, including Thai boxing equipment and Thai boxing lessons and TBC Token giveaways. for organizing various activities.



Step 4: Day 01/10/22

Develop Thaiboxing Token by submitting to the Office of the Securities and Exchange. Commission of Thailand for consideration and approval to use as a reward, product discount, create a TBC token for trading in the market. Coinmarketcap And create a team to develop Muay Thai TBC Team under the agency and Muay Thai teachers to teach abroad for your country. Depends on the deal at the destination and provides TBC Token to investors, partners and merchants to promote Muay Thai events depending on how much time should be distributed.

Step 5 : Day 15/10/2022

Build a muay thai game development team to play play to earn. The more you fight, the more The more you win, the more you win. Collect tokens and Thaiboxing game manager games, but only need to earn more than 90% of sales to start step 5.



Step 6 : Day 15/11/2022

Organize Muay Thai events in Metaverse Thaiboxing for NFT trading, NFT Gallery, Thai boxing equipment trading, Muay Thai teachers meet those who want to learn Muay Thai, live Muay Thai matches, teach Muay Thai online, organize Muay Thai matches in Metaverse . Build a Muay Thai City and give away prizes. various You only need to earn more than 95% of your sales to begin Step 6.

Step 7 : Day 25/12/2022

Bring a portion of the proceeds to fund scholarships for orphans in need. Homeless, create professional Muay Thai promotion activities, donate to the Thai Boxing Association and given to elderly Thai boxers who are sick and have no medical money depending on the expenditure on the development of various activities. Merry Christmas Get merit and help needy orphans. Have fun participating in NFT Gallry, Token collection events and you will be rich if you hold Thaiboxing NFT .


Project 2

Project 2

Can only be started by going through all the steps sequentially according to the Roadmap Project 1 plan.

Day 01/04/23

Develop NFT 3D model, but will sell to owner of Thaiboxing NFT Project first, FC will sell to general public, including making DeFi Thai Boxing Farm.